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 Teresa Moorey!

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PostSubject: Teresa Moorey!   Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:49 am


Teresa Moorey is fantastic!!!
Teresa Moorey is an author of over 30 well published and best selling books.
Teresa's books are based on magic, spells, witchcraft,faries and other mythological creatures.

personal info on Teresa-

For most of her life she has been a witch, working both alone and in a coven. She believes that Witchcraft should be available to all sincere seekers as a path to empowerment and to enrich life. This seems especially relevant to teenagers who are looking for purpose and meaing in the Twenty-first Century. Teresa is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, astrologer and mother of four children.

I own one of her books and she is absolutely wonderful!..please checkout her website that includes not only information on herself and her books but News, Films, Music, Advice and an online shop that sells...absolotely anyhting to do with witchcraft!.

Website- [size=12]

Smile <3 <3
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Teresa Moorey!
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