Dear Divine Above
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PostSubject: Hi!   Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:42 pm

Well let's see.... (i had these first introductory posts) Razz

I am a Plague Rat as well, and a very loyal Muffin of Contessa's (as well as the rest of the current Bloody Crumpets!)

I am doing my very best to continue on my Vegan path, though I'm still working on the switching to Vegan products (shampoos and lotions and all that junk)
MEAT is off limits for me, but i occasionally cave to a tasty baked item. :s

I dabble in a lot of things, guess you could call them hobbies, but i never can seem to focus on any one thing long enough to become REALLY good at something.
I enjoy music, art, movies, reading, all the typical stuff. *shrug*

P.S. I think it is quite ok to be Vegan AND a Cannibal.... as animals are pretty much ALL awesome, and MOST humans are pretty NOT awesome.
I guess it all comes down to whose life i feel is more important. Razz

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Priestess of The Tribe

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PostSubject: Re: Hi!   Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:36 pm

*hands you tea* Welcome!
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Head Hunter

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PostSubject: Re: Hi!   Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:37 pm

Indeed animals tend to be friendlier Smile welcome though Smile
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Bloody Spoon

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PostSubject: Re: Hi!   Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:30 pm

Agreed. I'm a vegetarian cannibal. ;3 Which make sense.

Welcome my dear!
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PostSubject: Re: Hi!   

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